The Exploratory Committee for Responsive Leadership was founded by businesswoman Amanda Rowan to explore a run for the 25th Congressional District of California.

The daughter of middle class parents and a self-made businesswoman, Amanda wants to bring a new sensibility to represent the district. In an era of career politicians and a lack of responsive leadership, we are long overdue for a representative who listens to her constituents and whose first focus is their best interests. It’s time to figure out what works for voters, and to make more of it work every day. From veteran affairs to healthcare, from child trafficking to job creation—now is the time for sensible policies and leadership through listening and action.

In the coming months, Amanda is embarking on a tour to assess just what the constituents of the 25th need, and to seriously evaluate the opportunity to represent them in Congress. She’ll be meeting with everyday citizens and community leaders; Sheriffs, Mayors, and Moms, Teachers, Nurses, and Dads; anyone who wants to have a voice. And once the voters have had a chance to express their thoughts, concerns, and desires, Amanda will formally decide whether she believes that their best option for the House of Representatives is a fresh voice who starts from a place of openness, honesty, and transparency; a woman who wants to bring her successful business expertise and compassionate understanding to policymaking. Amanda Rowan is proud to announce she’s exploring a possible run to represent the 25th District, and she wants to hear from you. Email us here.